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Our Story

The AFT and its New Directions for 2019-2022
(as approved by the Board of Directors)

The statement “the history of AFT is the story of charity for the Philippines” quite accurately sums up the essence of the Association of Filipinos in Thailand (AFT) or Samahan ng mga Pilipino sa Thailand (SPT).

Its new directions are not about rewriting its history rather they seek to redefine that story of charity from being Philippines oriented into being Filipino oriented and extend that goodwill towards the Thai people who have generously aided the Philippines in so many ways and in so many times. In the end, what we do for the Thai people, we do for the Filipino people.

The New Directions put into proper perspective SPT’s role in light of the reality that there are now many thousands of Filipinos staying or working in Thailand when there were just a few thousands several decades ago

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