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Association of Filipinos in Thailand and Philippine Embassy in Bangkok distributed food packs to 135 Filipinos in need in Bangkok.

The food packs came from AFT funds and personal donation of Embassy workers (100 packs of 5kg rice) Food packs include 5kgs rice, noodles and sardines. These was distributed last weekend(5th of April 2020).

Call for donation for OFWs affected by COVID-19 in Thailand Help our less fortunate kababayan during the COVID-19 crisis in Thailand. Any amount of help will make a big difference to our fellow OFWs affected by this epidemic.

Share your extra blessing. You can transfer/deposit any amount to:

Account Number: 046-2-67916-5
  • Bank: Kasikorn Bank
  • Account Name: Efren Villanueva
  • President, Association of Filipinos in Thailand
  • Money collected will be used to buy additional food packs to be given to OFWs in need.


    AFT Thailand sponsored Simbang Gabi @ Holy Redeemer Church last 21st of December 2019 and @ Saint John the Baptist Church on the 23rd of December 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand.

    During this Christmas season, Filipinos continue to celebrate this annual Novena Mass, “Simbang Gabi”, a tradition they brought with them from the Philippines. Simbang Gabi was adapted from the Catholic Misa de Gallo, which literally means “Mass of the Rooster,” to indicate it is held when the rooster crows.

    This event dates back to the time when Miguel Lopez de Legazpi celebrated the first feast of the Nativity in the year 1565 in the archipelago.

    Simbang Gabi traces its roots in Mexico when, in 1587, Fray Diego de Soria, head of the convent of San Agustin Acolman, petitioned the Pope for permission to hold Christmastide Masses outdoors because the church could not accommodate the multitude that attended the dawn services. When the request was granted, the Masses became known as Misa de Aguinaldo.

    After Mass, the parishioners treated themselves to traditional puto, kutsinta and bibingka, made with sweet rice and rice dough to crown each of the nine-day Christmas novena and truly celebrate Christmas, the Filipino way sponsored by AFT Thailand.

    Our Story

    The AFT and its New Directions for 2019-2022
    (as approved by the Board of Directors)

    The statement “the history of AFT is the story of charity for the Philippines” quite accurately sums up the essence of the Association of Filipinos in Thailand (AFT) or Samahan ng mga Pilipino sa Thailand (SPT).

    Its new directions are not about rewriting its history rather they seek to redefine that story of charity from being Philippines oriented into being Filipino oriented and extend that goodwill towards the Thai people who have generously aided the Philippines in so many ways and in so many times. In the end, what we do for the Thai people, we do for the Filipino people.

    The New Directions put into proper perspective SPT’s role in light of the reality that there are now many thousands of Filipinos staying or working in Thailand when there were just a few thousands several decades ago

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